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Robinson Crusoe

The further adventures of Robinson Crusoe

Daniel DefoeDaniel Defoe is widely considered as the father of the English novel. He wrote novels, pamphlets, and thousands of essays during his lifetime. His most famous work “Robinson Crusoe” has been a favorite book for many generations of readers from all ages.

Daniel Defoe was born in London in September 1660; the first son of James and Mary Foe. (He altered his original name Foe to Defoe in 1703.)

In 1671 Defoe studied at religious academies in preparation for a career in the Presbyterian ministry.

Daniel Defoe married Mary Tuffley in 1684. They had seven children together - two sons and five daughters.

In 1701 Defoe wrote “The True-Born Englishman”, the poem that brought him fame and royal favor. One year later, in 1702 he wrote the famous pamphlet “The Shortest Way with the Dissenters”, for which he was sent to prison in 1703.

In 1719 Daniel Defoe published his most successful work “Robinson Crusoe” published in our literature collection, is a novel that was based partly on the memoirs of voyagers such as Alexander Selkirk.

In his lat years Daniel Defoe concentrated on writing pamphlets, biographies and fiction.

Defoe died on 26 April 1731, at his lodgings in Ropemaker's Alley, Moorfields.

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