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Ancient Law

Henry Sumner Maine, SirSir Henry James Sumner Maine is an English historian and jurist. He lived in 19th (1822-1888) century and was born in Scotland. One of his most famous publications is the Ancient law, which is the thesis featured in our literature collection. He got his education in Cambridge, England and in 1847 he was appointed a professor of civil law. He was appointed to go to India to advise the government in political and legal matters. Upon his return to England in 1869 he was chosen to join the historical and comparative jurisprudence in the University of Oxford. There he continued the work he had begun on his book Ancient Law. In 1877 he was invited to accept the post of the mastership of Trinity Hall, Cambridge. At the end of 1887 he went to Cannes under doctor’s prescription. He died there on 3 February 1888.

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