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A Damsel in Distress

A Man of Means

A Prefect's Uncle

Indiscretions of Archie

Mike and Psmith

My Man Jeeves

Piccadilly Jim

Right Ho, Jeeves

The Clicking of Cuthbert

The Intrusion of Jimmy

P.G. WodehouseSir Pelham Grenville Wodehouse (1881- 1975) was born in Guildford, Surrey, England.

He was one of the most famous and prolific comic novelists in England. He wrote novels, short stories, lyrics, essays, plays for almost 70 years. His best known character is Bertram Wooster with his butler Jeeves. He also has other well known story cycles - Uncle Fred, Blandings Castle, Mr. Mulliner, The Drownes Club and many more. Some of them are published in our literature collection.

He was knighted shortly before his death in 1975.

Wodehouse died in Remsenburg, Long Island, United States on February 14, 1975.

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